Organized in 1932 in Ellsworth, Maine, the Ellsworth Garden Club is 90 years old and still growing.  We joined the Garden Club Federation of Maine in 1935 and thus began a long history of civic projects, educational programs and flowers shows.  We are interested in you!  Are you interested in joining or need more information?  Contact us:   or US mail: PO Box 722, Ellsworth, ME 04605.  Click here for a membership form to print and mail. 

Attention Readers! Download this list of recommended books assembled by your fellow garden club readers who are  inspired by great stories about growth, gardens, and nature.

Be ready this spring to enjoy a new walking tour of Historic State St. in Ellsworth with notable trees. This joint project with the Ellsworth Historical Society produced an interim walking tour document which you can download or print. Take the tour. We welcome your feedback. Send your suggestions to

For photos, videos and information on previous meetings and events, visit our Facebook page.

2023 Yearbook has been distributed.  Any member who has not received one should let us know at our club email.

The Ellsworth Garden Club prioritizes the health and safety of our members and communities. In spite of canceling most 2020-2021 in-person events, we managed to keep on top of many ongoing projects by gardening at a distance and held business meeting via Zoom.  By mid-2022 we transitioned to in-person events.

For 2023 we expect to start the year to start with in-person/hybrid meetings. Zoom will continue to be an option if you specifically request it. 

In April we began work in Donald Little Park and other community locations. There's plenty to do this year. If you have any questions about working at the park, contact Judith Povich 667-8934. Work starts in May on Tuesdays on the St Dunstan's project. Contact Anita Findlen 356-9889. For other community cultivation projects we will send out email or contact Bob Pepler at 412-0033.

"Plants are the only living things in the universe that can make sugar out of nonliving inorganic matter. All the sugar you have ever eaten was first made within a leaf."

- Hope Jahren - Lab Girl 

The Conservation Pledge:

I pledge to protect and conserve the natural resources of the planet Earth and promise to promote education so we may become caretakers of our air, water, forest, land and wildlife.