A Green Plan for Ellsworth

In January 2017 the Ellsworth Garden Club, in partnership with the City of Ellsworth, initiated a green planning process through a very well attended public forum. A citizens' initiative evolved out of the input from that forum and substantial written submissions. The vision: Make Ellsworth, Maine, a model green community.

The development of the plan involved nine partner organizations and nearly 100 individual volunteers over a dozen committees. These committees spent much time in broad public consultation so that the plan would be grounded in citizen input and expectations for the future of Ellsworth. They also undertook substantial research, field work and "small projects" to move green objectives forward while also informing an understanding of how best to implement recommendations. Approximately 2,000 citizens provided input through more than two dozen public forums, online and paper surveys, interviews, substantial written submissions, targeted forums and presentations for schools, business-related and non-profit organizations.

In February 2021 a draft plan was released for public consultation and in April 2021 the plan was finalized (see the full document at www.greenellsworth.org). All nine partner organizations, including the Ellsworth Garden Club, remain active in the Green Ellsworth organization, which has now shifted its attention to implementation of Green Plan recommendations. The organization welcomes individuals who would like to contribute to this effort. Please indicate your interest through the “Get Involved” survey on the Green Ellsworth website or by contacting Ellsworth Garden Club representative, Mary Blackstone (blackstm@uregina.ca).

For more information see the press release.

Photographs courtesy of Steve Fuller of the Ellsworth American